Our environment at Chill is just that, Chill. You will find a simple, clean design focusing on our products and providing a welcoming space where our community can create, connect and enjoy.

We have carefully chosen Single Origin coffees that are not only special in flavor but special down to the farm and growers. We’ve also created exclusive coffee blends one in particular named Yay Yay has gained its notoriety of being our strongest in caffeine without sacrificing smoothness and flavor. 

Our team consists of the most kind, caring, motivated and passionate people around. They are always happy to help find just the right drink for you.

We strive to give our community a place they feel welcome and a part of the Chill family. We occasionally have Open Mic Nights. Our “Shop and Chill” events where we highlight and provide a space for local vendors to showcase their products are always so much fun.

We take pride in the relationships we've built through our community as well as our suppliers.